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The Chat is undoubtedly the most commonly used group of screens in Naval Action.
Chat Appears in the "Open World" and Port Screens. A limited form of chat is also available in Battle.

An "Open" Chat Window


  • The single silhouette icon opens the friends window. The number in the icon shows the number of friends on-line.
  • The letter icon opens the mail window. The number in the icon shows the number of unread mails.
    • Mails may be from other player or from the in-game agent telling you that a trade contract is complete and ready for collection.
  • List icon opens the Battle/Trade/S? window. This window shows activity during the current session only.
  • The double silhouette icon opens the clan window.

Chat Bar

  • AA Set Chat Type Size
  • Left Arrow - Scroll left on tabs within Chat Title bar
  • Trade - Only open to those within a given port. Trade chat is intended for striking and consummating deals.
  • Help - Seen by everyone. Generally the most active chat in the game this theoretically should be reserved for questions and answers, tricks and tips and related chat.
  • Global - Seen by everyone. Should primarily be used for chat of a non-Help related nature that should be viewable by everyone
  • Nation - Seen by just those within your player nation. Better for recruiting players for joint work on Combat missions as only members of your own nation can participate, etc.
  • Private Messaging - Great for taking a conversation off-line
  • Right Arrow- Scroll right on tabs within Chat Title bar
  • Add Chat - Each of the chat tabs may be closed via the tiny 'x' in the tab. Add-chat allows for reopening the three basic chat windows.
  • Minimize Chat - Minimizes all chat into a small bar at the bottom of the screen
  • Resize Chat - Allows the user to expand or shrink the chat windows as desired.

Chat Area

This area displays the latest chat that has been entered (beginning with your login) Old chat messages are deleted as the chat buffer fills up.

Right Clicking on Names in Chat Window

The Options available in Chat

Right clicking on a player name in the chat window allows you to do a number of things

  • Reply - Adds "to [player name]" to the text entry area
  • Info - See information about the player selected
  • Copy - Copy the text message clicked upon into the Windows Clipboard
  • Private Message - Opens a new chat tab which will be seen by you and the invitee only
  • Trade - (Only available when both are in the same port) Opens the player trade window.
  • Mail - Opens a window where you can compose and send a longer message than is convenient in Chat
  • Clan Invite - Invite someone to join your clan (Only available to Clan founders and officers)
  • Group Invite -
  • Battle Group Invite -
  • Add Friend - Sends a Friend Request to the player selected. (Must be of the same in-game nation.
  • Ignore -
  • Report -

Chat Text Entry

  • Here you may type (or paste) any message you wish to convey. Be sure that the correct chat venue (Global/Nation/Help/etc.) is selected before hitting enter.