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Clans are communities of players of one nation in Naval Action. Clans can have between 1 and 250 members.

Clans Overview

Clan Names

Clans have a clan name, which is typically an abbreviation or acronym. Typically, clan names have 1 to 5 characters. In open world, friendly players and their clan name are displayed as a clan tag in square brackets, followed by the player name e.g.:

[CLAN] Player1

Clan names must be unique across all nations.

Creating a Clan

Players who are not member of a clan, can create a new clan in the clan tab. Clans consist of at least one member.

Joining a Clan

Players can join a clan only when they are invited by a clan officer (or higher).

Roles within a Clan

There are different roles inside a clan.

# Role
1 Creator
2 Diplomat
3 Officer
4 Member

Each role has a specific set of permissions to perform certain actions.

Action Creator Diplomat Officer Member
Manage clan membership and roles (not above own level) x x x
Transfer items to the clan warehouse x x x x
Extract items from the clan warehouse x x x
Port management x x
Edit clan friends list x x

Gameplay Features

Clan Warehouse

Each clan can have one clan warehouse in a port of their choice. Every clan member is allowed to transfer items to the warehouse. Clan officers (or higher level) may also extract resources from the clan warehouse.

Clan Friends List

Each clan has a list of friendly clans. Players who are member of friendly clans of clan A

  • are allowed to enter a port battle initiated by clan A
  • may be granted/have access to rare woods in port controlled by clan A
  • may be granted/have access to port upgrades in port controlled by clan A

Note that clan friends lists are one-directional. This means that clan A may have clan B on its friend list, but clan B might not have clan A on his friends list. In this example, clan B would have the benefits from ports controlled by clan A, and could join port battles organised by clan A, but not the other way around.

Hostility and Port Battles

Clans can conquer a port for their nation and gain control over the port. When a clan member initiates hostility hostility by taking and entering a hostility mission on a port, the clan of that player eventually gains control over that port. Other players may join the side of the initiator, so that clans with low player numbers can be supported by fellow players during hostility and port battle. To enter a port battle, fellow players need to be on the clan friends list. This way, also single member clans can conquer a port.

Port Management

Ports owned by a clan are managed by its clan members (depending on their role inside the clan). Port management includes:

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