Fleet Wrecks

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Fleet Wrecks are added to the Naval Action servers from time to time and may be race to the treasure or the impetus for a big battle on PvP.

Fleet Wrecks can be a windfall on PvE or a Free for All on PvP
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  • Fleet Wrecks are marked on the chart with the same silhouette as a bottle wreck but with a circle around it.
  • But unlike a Bottle Wreck everyone on the server can see it.
  • Fleet Wrecks often contain the legendary Dead Man's Chest which may be filled with rare loot such as ship permits, and hard to obtain goods.
  • When deciding whether or not to go after a Fleet Wreck one must consider how long it's been there and who else might be contending for it.
  • Be aware that on a PvP server the other "treasure hunters" might just be "hostiles."
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