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WARNING: Information on this page is outdated.


The Complete Coward's guide to Naval Actions

I recently decided to be a bit braver, take a risk, and start a character on the PvP server. I decided that there was no better time to develop a guide for newcomers at the same time. So this is part guide, part journal. I hope that you like it and maybe find it a bit enjoyable, and a bit useful.

Character Creation

Player Creation.jpg

I want to approximate the novice player experience as much as possible, so...

  • I'm creating a new character on the PvP server although my experience to date has all been on a PvE server where many of the rules are different. It's your call as to which server environment you choose but if you're looking to explore the more peaceful elements of the game, I'd advise the considerably easier PvE server. If you want the full blooded "warrior experience," then the PvP server may be for you. May you live in interesting times.
  • I'm also choosing a different nation than the one that I'm used to. This will mean I'll be sailing new waters and learning what this area is like at the same time.
  • I'm choosing Spain because it's reputed to be one of the easier nations, though who knows what we'll find when we get in-game because ports on PvP are subject to capture, another thing to keep in mind when making the PvP vs PvE decision.
  • I'm choosing an alternate character name because if Havan IronOak had a drag-name it would be Heidi la Pinga. Well, at least it sounds Spanish!

Welcome to Habana!

Welcome to Habana.jpeg

OK. We're in Habana. We're broke and we've got an unlimited supply of the weakest ship in the game. The Basic Cutter is free to purchase, crew, and repair. Basic cannons are free, but can only be fitted on the basic cutter. If you look in the upper right hand corner of the home port screen you'll be able to see our status as to money and rank. We're flat broke and we're what the Spanish call a Guardamarina, roughly the Spanish equivalent of a midshipman.

  • Money is necessary for almost everything in this world so we'll have to take care of that zero balance very soon.
  • Rank determines how many sailors we can command, and the larger the ship, the more men we'll need. We must level up by gaining battle experience, gaining higher rank, and then hiring them (with Gold). Rank is determined by "battle experience" but that's a bit of a misnomer as just sailing from point A to point B can gain us that experience. Battle XP is also gained by dealing damage in battles, and completing missions (of all types).
  • The picture to the right is just the upper right portion of the Port Screen. You'll notice when you start playing this game that in the lower right corner of that screen there's a disclaimer that this is just a "test interface" and that it's all gonna change. But for now, we still need to know a few things about it.
    • You'll notice that large area labelled HOLD. Ours is empty, not surprising. But notice the 7.4/150. in the upper right? That's how much our HOLD can hold in tons. Of course we have to account for the weight of our cannon and that's the 7.4
    • Below that you'll see an area labelled WAREHOUSE. That's empty too. Picking up a pattern here?
    • There's also a Captain's Chest area (obscured in the picture by the rank & experience information) and an UPGRADES area. (Both empty) More about those later.
  • The big green button that says SAIL will take us from the Port Screen to what's called the Open World. There are actually three worlds in this game, the port world, the Open World, and the Battle World. But more about this later.
  • They say that a ship in the harbor is safe but that's not what ships were built for. Let's Sail! - - - Or at least get out into the Open World, We'll be back here soon enough to learn more.
  • If you're in-game while reading this might as well hit that big green button now. I'll see you in harbor in the Open World wher we can talk about fishing.

Fishing for fun and profit

Course laid in Captain

Given that we've no gold and high hopes we've gotta start somewhere. That somewhere is fishing. We need to be in the open world in order to fish so let's hit the sale button and begin.

Have you hit the fishing button yet? If not let's do it. You can tell it's working if it start to pulse. As long as its not that "empty fish" profile we're good.

  • If the local market is not glutted Fishmongering can raise us some gold without even leaving port.

Or we could get underway.

  • In the lower right corner of the screen you should see The Helmsman's Display.
  • Hit the "W" key once or twice and the you'll see the go from full to some higher percentage. 100% is max but that's a bit fast in port. Don't wanna "burn copper" as they'd say.
  • Be sure and experiment a bit with the "A" and "D" keys a bit to see how your ship handles to port and starboard.
  • You might want to play a bit with the Right Mouse Button Pan and Tilt features to take a look at just how beautiful this game really is!
  • And be sure and use the mouse wheel to zoom in on the ship's details.

But, now that we're moving I suppose it would be good if we'd charted a course...

It's best to plan a nice leisurely cruise in order to get our fishing on. If only we knew how to use that Nautical Chart!

Sailing to Las Tortugas

Thar be Pirates!

Las Tortugas should be a nice straight shot and since it's a neutral port it may have some commodities that we can sell... Provided we can raise some gold.

  • Another alternative would have been to take a Combat Mission. Combat Missions offer rewards in both Battle Experience and Gold. And it's even possible to capture a ship and/or loot the enemy ship.
    • Missions can be taken at any port. Combat mission locations are automatically marked on the chart. If you're wary of attempting a combat mission on your own remember, others can join you and assist in your combat missions provided they meet the requirements. Usually missions are restricted as to what level of ship may join. The Basic Cutter is a 7th Rate.
    • A player may have up to three combat missions assigned at any given time. The size of the rewards offered suggest a BIT about the difficulty of the opponents awaiting you.
  • There are also Delivery Missions and Passenger Missions available.
    • These missions require a ready ship with a sufficient cargo space to take a delivery package (800 lbs) or a slot for the passengers.
    • Since we have no cargo hold big enough for a package, we could start out by delivering a passenger.
    • A player may keep up to 10 missions total of any kind, and delivery or cargo missions can be 'abandoned' out of the list, without losing the passenger or package that can be manually delivered (more on that later).
    • Look for a passenger in the missions list that wants to go to Las Tortugas, or any of the other nearby ports.

Captain's Log Day One

10 minutes into our voyage and we snag a sealed bottle. Can You say TREASURE!

Following the course we laid in, we've run into some heavy weather.

  • Clicking on the three horizontal bars in the upper left corner we can open the hull area and see exactly how many fish we have.

I hope we don't miss Las Tortugas. We've caught a few fish so we won't be entirely broke when we hit port. That is if the fish market there isn't glutted.

Telescope Practice

  • Now is probably a good time to familiarize ourselves with the Telescope. It's always best to be able to keep an eye on any potential dangers.

Captain's Log Day Two

Bounty From the Sea

Looks like we have a wreck just West of Tampa
  • BINGO! we pulled a sealed bottle from the sea. Rumors are that these often hold maps to wrecks that can contain fabulous treasures. Can't wait to open it.
    • To open a Sealed Bottle Right click on it in your hold and elect the "USE" option.
      • Once opened the sealed bottle will place a Wreck designation on our Chart
      • Note:Only one bottle should ever be opened at a time. Opening a second bottle completely deletes the earlier wreck and that is almost always a COSTLY mistake.
      • From time to time the developers will create special events involving Fleet Wrecks. (Same symbol but larger and with a circle around it) I understand that these contain large quantities of salvageable treasures. On a PvE server, these are really just a race to the treasure (and the legendary Deadman's chest) but on a PvP server these may become an epic bloodbath.
  • We'll sell our catch in Las Tortugas and then it looks like we're heading toward Gasparilla to search for treasure.

Captain's Log Day Three

Treasure Hunting


Left Las Tortugas and sailed up to Manataca
(The + symbol on the chart indicates a port that belongs to one nation but has been declared an "Open Port.")
From there we charted a careful course using the mast of the wreck as our bearing and sailed along that line until we found it!
We then took the opportunity to explore the wreck and found that luckily the treasure is small enough (107 tons) to fit aboard our ship. Many wrecks aren't! Then we'd have to delay the salvage operations until we could afford to come back in a bigger vessel. (One can't salvage "part of" a wreck, we'd only lose the surplus)
However, this time we're in luck and now's a good time to head back to the nearest friendly port (Manataca) and cash in on our bounty!
During the sail back it's a good time to do some checking on prices on some of the more exotic items we found. While commodites may be priced pretty easily using the Trader Tool, with the more uncommon items it's best to ask in help chat. "Price Check on Island 3" how much does a Treatise on Making Saltpeter fetch in these waters?'
Never hurts to keep fishing too.

Captain's Log Day Four

Manataca Marketing


Sold the fish we caught on the way back to port and did some research on the value of the goods we found aboard the wreck. Prices vary over time and prices also vary from server to server but here's what I found.

Commodity Quantity Book
Gold Ingots 12 364 10750
Iron Ingots 77 225 225
Sugar 89 172 200
Treatise on Making Saltpeter 1 5000 150,000
Labor Contracts 2 56,938 400,000
Total 62,699 461,175
  • To realize the potential value we'll need to place some of these items on Sell Contracts. The best place to do that is in a heavily trafficked port, ideally one that's a Free Port so that buyers of any nation can purchase it. Since I'm unfamiliar with the local supply and demand, it's probably best to sail back to Habana and deposit the valuable items into our warehouse until we can figure out how best to profit on them.

Let's sell the Sugar and buy some Oregon Beaver Coats that might sell at a good profit back in Habana. Not many folk in Habana actually wear beaver coats but they're all the rage among the relatives back in España.

Speculating in Beaver Coats

  • It doesn't matter what port we're in, once you're a good distance away from your capital port there's generally something that you can buy and bring back at a considerable profit.
  • Based on what I found in the trader gossip, those Oregon Beaver Coats that we bought in Manataca should fetch us over 700 gold each in Habana. They'll help make the trip back to Habana a profitable one.
  • But it's best to never get too greedy, we may meet misfortune along the way and lose our ship and cargo. Best to leave a little seed money in the bank.

Captain's Log Day Five