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Rate5th Rate
Chasers4 Bow and 2 Stern Chasers
Broadside Weight
Cannon Broadside Weight192 pd
Carronade Broadside Weight?
Battle Rating110
Total Crew200
Sailing Crew?
Minimum Crew80
Max Speed11.99 kn
Turn Rate5.03
Bow Armour Hit Points681
Side Armour Hit Points2723
Stern Armour Hit Points272
Structure Hit Points1362
Bow Armour Thickness31 cm
Side Armour Thickness52 cm
Stern Armour Thickness21 cm
Sail Hit Points2723
Mast Thickness82 cm
Rigging TypeSquare
Cargo Capacity367.2
Cargo Slots16
Crafting Level...

 General Description

The Hercules is a small three masted ship with good armour and a good armament. She is one of the most powerful ships of her rank.


The Hercules can carry 18pd cannons on her first gun deck, 9pd cannons on her second gun deck and 6pd cannons on the weather deck. She has four 6pd chasers mounted on her bow, and two 6pd on her stern.

Deck Cannon Count Cannon Size Carronade Size
First Gun Deck 10 18pd 32pd
Second Gun Deck 20 9pd 32pd
Weather Deck 4 6pd 18pd
Bow Chasers 4 6pd 18pd
Stern Chasers 2 6pd 18pd


The Hercules is a reward ship for finishing the Final Exams of Tutorials. It's a very rare ship, since every player can get only one time the crafting Note. Players can trade the Note, but not the ship once crafted. It can not been captured.


The Hercules is also known as Fragata Hercules or Fragata Negra

How to get Crafting recipe

Players can get the Hercules Note after succeed the Final Exam of Tutorials. A player can get the Note only one time.

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