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Nations and their wars are at the heart of Naval Action.

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Depending upon which nation you choose the difficulty of the game varies significantly. With all of the nations being at war with each other, sailors of one nation may not enter the ports of any other nation except trading vessels. Free Ports, Neutral Ports, and in PvP Open Ports are the exception to that rule.

  • The more difficult nations have a smaller number of national ports thus making it harder to acquire resources for their nation.
  • In PvP difficulty may change as ports are captured by the competing nations.
  • The recently added nations of Prussia, Russia, and Poland are also more difficult in that they have no colonial capitals and hence no Admiralties.


British Naval Flag.png The British colonial capital is Kingston (Port Royale)

  • Difficulty: easy


Danish Flag.jpg The Danish colonial capital is Christiansted

  • Difficulty: hard

United Provinces(the Dutch)

Dutch Flag.jpg The Dutch colonial capital is Willemstad

  • Difficulty: medium


French Flag.jpg The French colonial capital is Fort Royal

  • Difficulty: medium

It is heavily recommended that you speak French (or at least read) if you choose to play this faction

Commonwealth of Poland

The exact location of the Polish outpost colony is a mystery.
There is no colonial capital!

  • Difficulty: very very difficult


PrussianFlag.jpg On the PvP Server the Prussian colonies are centered around Shroud Cay.
There is no colonial capital

  • Difficulty: very very difficult


Russian Flag.jpg The exact location of the Russian outpost colony is a mystery.
There is no colonial capital!

  • Difficulty: very very difficult


Spanish Flag.png The Spanish colonial capital is La Habana

  • Difficulty: easy


Swedish Flag.jpg The Swedish colonial capital is Gustavia

  • Difficulty: hard

United States

US Flag 15 Star.png The US colonial capital is Charleston

  • Difficulty: medium


Pirate flag.jpg The pirate capital is Mortimer Town

  • Difficulty: Medium


After patch 9.61 neutrals are no longer a playable nation Neutral ports may be entered by sailors of all nations.

Free Ports

Free ports are similar to Neutrals except that they are unconquerable.

Starting Difficulty

Below are images of the starting setup of national ports.

The difficulty rating indicates the starting setup of national ports. The more difficult nations have a smaller amount of ports to start with, thus being more harder to spread and provide resources for the nation and vice versa. Difficulty rating should not be addressed as a permanent value, as it changes server to server depending on the port distribution across nations.

Nations at war

Realm vs. Realm (RvR) gameplay in Naval Action occurs as nations compete to capture ports. Port capture is a two step process:

  1. Raise hostility on the port
  2. Win port battle.