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Nautical Chart

  • The in-game nautical chart may be brought up In port or in the Open World via the "M" key.
  • The mouse wheel may be used to zoom in and out
  • Using the left mouse button one may click and drag the map left, right, up, and down.
  • Note that in addition to displaying the major landmasses significant areas of shallows are displayed. Small shallow draft ships have a significant advantage in that the more powerful warships have deep drafts and will be unable to even enter these areas.
  • At it's most zoomed out the only ports that will be labelled are the capital cities of each of the nations in the game.
  • Note that as one zooms in for a more detailed look more and more of the over 365 historical ports will appear.
  • Also "County Names" will begin to appear. Counties are a subdivision within each nation and each county will have a county capital. These are important to players in the PvP world as the capture of a county capital has meant that all secondary ports in the county fall to the victor as well. It's unclear as to the current status of this and if curious one should check the release notes.
    • On the map...
      •     Hovering over a County capital reveals orange lines to secondary ports.
      •     Hovering over secondary ports reveals a white line to the county capital port.

  • In the upper left is a title bar displaying the Real World Time and Date and an option to see "More" that will toggle the display of the left column control bar.

Left Column Controls

  • After clicking on the "More" indicator at the end of the upper left title bar, The displayed map should look Like this.

Port Nationality Designators

  • Directly below the title bar is an area that displays all the nations vying for control in the area and their national flags
  • It's important to note that all of these nations are at war and foreign nationals are NOT general allowed into the ports of other nations. **However not all ports are national.
    • Those marked by a national flags are national ports
    • Those marked with a simple white dot are Neutral Ports
    • County Capitals are denoted by a circle around their dot
    • Ports designated with an asterisk are "Free Ports" They are similar to Neutral ports but may NOT be captured even in the PvP world.
    • Ports designated with a + sign belong to a particular nation but have been designated an "Open Port." These only exist on PvP servers.

Conquest Competition

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PvP Leaderboard

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Conquest Information

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The Trader Tool is one of the most used tools in the game.

  • You may search on almost any commodity in the game.
  • Click on one of the potential matches and you'll see
    • The weight of the good. Some goods are so bulky you can't fit even a single one in the hold of the Basic Cutter.
  • The class (or classes) of the good. British goods tend to be very cheap in British ports while goods of other nations often demand premium prices
  • The Distance Slider allows you to limit the list based on the distance you're willing to travel.
  • The list is sortable on any of the column headings
  • A dot in the A column indicates that the port had this good Available last time the tool was updated.
  • A dot in the P column indicates that the port is capable of Producing this good.
  • A dot in the C column indicates that the port Consumes this good.
  • The reticule in front of each port name is clickable allowing you to zoom the map to that location.
  • A vertical scroll bar is provided along the right if the list of ports displayed requires it.
  • For a more detailed explanation of the Trader Tool and it's uses, see the Trader Tool page.

Port and County Search

Charting a Course on the Open World Map

Open World Version
  • To chart a course you must be on the open world map which means that you cannot do it In-Combat or In-Port
  • Click on the "Show Protractor" option in the Header area
  • Zoom all the way in on your current location and double click to center the protractor on that spot
  • Single Right click on where you want to be.
  • The Helmsman's Display will now show an orange indicator as to the course you need to steer to get from where you are to where you want to be. (In this instance I'm in KPR (Kingston/Port Royale) and I want to sail to Bone Cay)