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St. Pavel
Pavel Front.png
ChasersStern Chasers
Broadside Weight
Cannon Broadside Weight1038pd
Carronade Broadside Weight1230pd
Battle Rating600
Total Crew800
Sailing Crew170
Minimum Crew{{{Minimum Crew}}}
Max Speed11.42kn
Turn Rate2.13
Bow Armour Hit Points{{{Bow Armour Hit Points}}}
Side Armour Hit Points{{{Side Armour Hit Points}}}
Stern Armour Hit Points{{{Stern Armour Hit Points}}}
Structure Hit Points{{{Structure Hit Points}}}
Bow Armour Thickness{{{Bow Armour Thickness}}}
Side Armour Thickness{{{Side Armour Thickness}}}
Stern Armour Thickness{{{Stern Armour Thickness}}}
Sail Hit Points{{{Sail Hit Points}}}
Mast Thickness113cm
Rigging Type{{{Rigging Type}}}
Cargo Capacity375
Cargo Slots10
Crafting Level40

 General Description

The pavel is an 82 gun 2nd rate ship of the line. She has 3 gun decks and can also mount cannons on her quarter deck(although a lot of people prefer not to mount them)


The Pavel is heavily armed being able to carry 42 pd cannons on her lower gun deck, 24pd cannons on her middle gun deck and being able to carry either 6pd cannons or 24 pd carronades on her top gun deck, on her quarter deck she can either mount 6pd cannons or she can mount 24pd carronades, however due to weird aiming a lot of players opt to not mount any guns on the quarter deck. The pavel does not have any bow chasers and her stern chasers are limited to 68pd carronades.

Deck Cannon Count Cannon Size Carronade Size
Bottom Gun Deck 30 42pd N/A
Middle Gun Deck 28 24pd N/A
Top Gun Deck 20 6pd 24pd
Quarter Castle 4 6pd 12pd
Stern Chasers 2 9pd 68pd


The Pavel is a fast ship for her size and can in some cases even catch up to frigates, however she suffers from relatively poor maneuverability and high crew count(which depending on rank and what you use the ship for, can be either a negative or a positive), the lack of bow chasers also is bit of a problem for chases. The armament of the Pavel is also a strange one with her gun deck and quarter castle having 6pd cannons, which against other ships of the line will simply not penetrate thus being useless against ships of the line and some think of it as a waste of crew, however versus a 3rd Rate the 42pd on her bottom gun deck and the 24pd on the middle gun deck more than make up for it.


Here is the Sailing Profile for the Pavel; she handles much like the third rate ships of the line preferring a broad reach, being comfortable on a beam reach but slow elsewhere, and in particularly being a disastrously poor sailer upwind. Like the other ships of the line, she presents a challenge to command. Great care should be taken to avoid situations in which she is engaged unassisted with more maneuverable vessels, which can easily outsail her and bring about real damage to her masts, rigging and stern, potentially sinking her.


Built as a ship of the line at Nikolaev, Ukraine by the shipbuilders I. Afanasiev and I. Sokolov in 1794, for the Russian Imperial Navy. she was launched under the name SVYATOY PAVEL, (Saint Paul).

The pavel was the flag ship of Vice Admiral Fyodor F. Ushakov(1744-1817), based in the black sea. When in 1798 Russia and Turkey became allies, the russian Black Sea Fleet was allowed to pass the bosporus into the mediteranean. During the Period of 1798 and 1799 Ushakov and the pavel took part in various blockades and attacked french occopied forts and cities with their new Turkish allies, in 1799 Ushakov was also going to attack and command the attack on malta with nelson, but the attack never came and the fleet was sent back to the Black Sea.

How to get Crafting recipe

You can get the crafting recipe of the Pavel through either crafting Constitutions, 3rd rates, Bellonas, Ingermanlands or by breaking up Pavels, however this is not recommended as the Pavel is an expensive ship to produce

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