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WARNING: Information on this page describes a pre-release status of the game.

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The Port screen is one of the most commonly used screens in Naval Action.

Port Home Page

The Home Tab of the Port screen is the first thing that you'll see when you enter a port in Naval Action. Across the top you'll see the other sub tabs followed by the big green SAIL button.

Title Bar - Tabs

  • Home - This page
  • Equipment
  • Missions
  • Shop
  • Fleet
  • Ships
  • Craft
  • Admiralty
  • Conquest - (Only Meaningful on PvP Servers)
  • SAIL - This will only be possible if you've sufficient crew aboard your vessels.
    • A CANNONS warning will appear if your ships are not fully armed. This may be unwise (or not) but it will not stop you from sailing.
    • An OVERLOAD warning will appear if your ships have more cargo in their holds than they can support. This WILL stop you from sailing.
    • A REPAIRS warning will appear if your ships require repair kits and you have none aboard. As mentioned previously this will not stop you from sailing.
    • Click the SAIL button and confirm as through any warnings and you will be taken to the Open World where you will find your selected vessel at anchor,
  • Smuggler A toggle that allows you to fly a smuggler's pennant. Be certain to check the details before electing to do that.
  • Your Current port.
  • Your Current Rank
  • Your "Battle Experience" progress toward your next rank.
  • Your current fortune

Ship Selection

In the upper left of your Home Tab is your dock with all the ships that you have moored at this port. If you've accrued any Tow Permits They'll show here as well. This section displays what you have berthed in your slips/docks. In the beginning you'll find a Basic Cutter but that's just the beginning.

  • Your currently selected ship will be in blue on the left
  • The specifications for that ship appear directly below the big green SAIL button
  • You start with 5 slips. If you own any other ships they will appear to the right of your selected ship.
    • Simply left clicking on one will designate that your active vessel.
    • Right Clicking on your active ship brings up a window with slightly more detailed specs on your vessel
    • Right Clicking on any of your inactive ships brings up two options
      • Send to Fleet moves a ship from your docks into your active fleet (The ships that will follow along with your active ship)
        • These ships MAY slow down your sailing progress based on their sailing profiles
        • The ships in your fleet may help you in any battles that you get into
        • They will also provide you with additional cargo space.
        • Basic Cutters (Free) may not be assigned to fleet duty
      • Tow Request allows you to have that vessel towed (at a cost) to any of the other ports where you have an outpost.
  • Directly below the vessel specifications is a darker blue button that will allow you to sell the selected vessel back to the port for gold. (In the case of a Basic Cutter, 0 Gold) In order to do that there must be nothing on the vessel in terms of cargo or cannon.
  • Next to that is a button that allows you to list a vessel for sale at the price of your choosing.

Expand Docks

If you wish to increase the number of docks from 5 to 8 it will cost 250,000 Gold.
Going from 8 to 11 will cost 750,000 Gold.
Dock limits are per player, not per outpost


Your Colonial Capitol gives you your first Outpost. You can establish more in any other friendly, Neutral, or Free ports but each outpost requires a permit.
The first Permit is free but each subsequent permit costs more.


You may build up to 5 Production Buildings to harvest the resources of any of the islands on which you've established outposts. There is a limit of 5 production buildings overall, but each building has three sizes with expanded buildings producing resources faster and having more room to store output for collection (and delivery to your warehouse)


As you increase your experience you gain skills referred to as perks.It's up to you to choose which perks you will acquire. There are Battle perks, Economy perks and Fleet Perks.

Manage Crew

The Manage Crew section allows you to control how many sailors you have on your primary vessel as well as each of the ships in your fleet.


The standard set of Chat windows appear when in port but an additional section (Trade) is added.