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The telescope can be a real life saver by allowing you to get a closer look at things in the distance.

Opening the Telescope

To invoke open the telescope viewer just press and hold the left shift key.

Zooming In

When using the telescope, zoom in using the mouse wheel.

Panning Left and Right

Moving the mouse left and right will pan the scope right and left over the horizon. One can make a full 360 degree viewing this way.

View Description
View with No Telescopecope.jpeg
View with No Telescope
Telescope on lowest setting.jpeg
Telescope on Lowest Zoom
Telescope At Half Zoom
Telescope At Full Zoom

Tech Notes

Just a few details

  • The in-game port name labels that hover over every port (once you get close enough) appear based on how near your ship is to port. Zooming in with your telescope will help not at all in that regard.
  • Steam's F12 Screen capture doesn't work with the telescope.

Uber Tech Notes

Since Steam's F12 Screen capture doesn't work with the telescope, if you wish to capture images:

  • Print Screen key will place a copy in your Windows cut and paste buffer.
  • Using Paint open in another window
  1. Print Screen to "copy"
  2. ALT-Tab to Paint
  3. CTRL-P to "paste" the image into Paint
  4. Save as a new jpg file
  5. Lather/Rinse/Repeat