Wapen von Hamburg III

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Wappen von Hamburg III
Wapen Von Hamburg III.jpeg
Rate4th rate
ChasersBow and Stern
Broadside Weight
Cannon Broadside Weight570pd
Carronade Broadside Weight708pd
Battle Rating290
Total Crew470
Sailing Crew?
Minimum Crew{{{Minimum Crew}}}
Max Speed11.99kn
Turn Rate3.00
Bow Armour Hit Points1463
Side Armour Hit Points5850
Stern Armour Hit Points585
Structure Hit Points2925
Bow Armour Thickness41 cm
Side Armour Thickness69 cm
Stern Armour Thickness28 cm
Sail Hit Points5850
Mast Thickness124 cm
Rigging TypeSquare
Cargo Capacity748
Cargo Slots16
Crafting Level25

General Description


Deck Cannon Count Cannon Size Carronade Size
Lower Deck 22 24pd N/A
Middle Deck 24 18pd N/A
Upper Deck 16 9pd 18pd
Top Deck 6 6pd 12pd
Bow Chasers 4 12pd 12pd
Stern Chasers 4 9pd 68pd


The Wapen is an odd ship in Naval Action; the slowest of the fourth rates, she nonetheless has the best turning rate of any of them. So while she can't run away from danger, she can frequently out turn her opponent. She tends to play like a small lineship, though the odd configuration of her top and weather decks--with the top deck only running half of the ship, from the center to the rear, and the weather deck being even shorter--makes the guns mounted there tricky to use.


The Wapen von Hamburg of 1722 was a convoy ship built in the German city of Hamburg. Her name translates to "Weapons-" or "Arms of Hamburg" and many sources spell her wrong – giving her a complete different meaning. "Wappen" with two p means "coat of arms".

She was ordered by the Hamburg Admirality as well as by Hamburg House of Trade. Her main purpose was as a convoy ship protecting trading fleets from attacks by corsairs and pirates.

The Wapen we have in game was the 3rd ship of her name and replaced the former Wapen von Hamburg II after her 32years of duty. The new vessel served her purpose until 1737 when she was sold to a private Tradesman and converted to an armed merchant vessel.

Originally her main gundeck held 6x18pd cannons combined with 16x 12pd guns, followed by 26x9pd cannons on the 2nd gundeck and, finally the weatherdecks were armed with 4pd cannons.

During her service time the Wapen never sailed under full crew capacity. Her fear factor was considered a sufficient threat for any enemy ship which considered attacking her or her convoy.

How to get the Crafting recipe and Permit

You can get the permit and the blue print for 1 victory mark each (total=200 combat mark) in admiralty menu.

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