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Lynx Front.png
Class 7
Guns 8
Max Speed 13.99 kn
Battle Rating 25
    Cannons Carronades
Deck 1 8 6 12
Deck 2 0 0 0
Deck 3 0 0 0
Deck 4 0 0 0
Bow chasers 0 0 0
Stern chasers 0 0 0
Broadside weight   24 48
Crew complement
Max crew 50
Sailing Crew 15
Minimum Crew 20
Max Speed 13.99 kn
Turn Rate 5.23
Rudder half-turn time 1
  Hit Points Thickness
Structure 1800  
Sails 2000  
Side Armour 2000 30
Bow Armour 500 18
Stern Armour 200 12
Bottom Mast 600 48
Middle Mast 400 36
Top Mast 136 24
Cargo Capacity 150
Cargo Slots 16

General Description

The Lynx is one of the Smallest ships in game with only 8 guns, she does however have a larger compliment than the cutter making her better for boarding than the cutter.


The Lynx is a lightly armed ship and can only carry 6pd cannons or 12pd carronades.

Deck Cannon Count Cannon Size Carronade Size
Weather Deck 8 6pd 12pd



The Lynx is a fore and aft rigged ship which makes her good for sailing close-hauled and beam reach, but she is not as fast when running with the wind. Her very light armament compared to the starting ship means that the lynx very rarely sees use.

This is the Sailing Profile of the Lynx. It is clear that she is a fast and forgiving ship to sail, as the speed never really drops below 0.5, other than when directly approaching the wind. What's more it is a strong sailer both on a beam reach and close-hauled. Although make sure to note that the Lynx, like all fore-and-aft rigged vessels, performs poorly with the wind in her back and for this reason should endeavour to chase and escape on different points of the wind.


How to get the Crafting recipe

She is a default crafting recipe and you get the recipe at lvl 0

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