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On this page you will find all the necesarry information to use and update the Naval Action Wiki


On this wiki we dont deal with guess work, we either have it as fact or we dont put it at all, this is to stop any potential confusion happening.

Using and creating ship infoboxes

To add a ship infobox you just add the following to the editor and add the data which it asks for, it is important to fill it all in, if there is no data available to put in one of the fields put in "unknown".

Lynx Front.png
Rate7th Rate
Broadside Weight
Cannon Broadside Weight24pd
Carronade Broadside Weight48pd
Battle Rating20
Total Crew50
Sailing Crew15
Minimum Crew{{{Minimum Crew}}}
Max Speed13.77kn
Turn Rate6.95
Bow Armour Hit Points{{{Bow Armour Hit Points}}}
Side Armour Hit Points{{{Side Armour Hit Points}}}
Stern Armour Hit Points{{{Stern Armour Hit Points}}}
Structure Hit Points{{{Structure Hit Points}}}
Bow Armour Thickness{{{Bow Armour Thickness}}}
Side Armour Thickness{{{Side Armour Thickness}}}
Stern Armour Thickness{{{Stern Armour Thickness}}}
Sail Hit Points{{{Sail Hit Points}}}
Mast Thickness50cm
Rigging Type{{{Rigging Type}}}
Cargo Capacity50
Cargo SlotsUnkown
Crafting Level0


  |Title = Lynx
  |Image = Lynx Front.png
  |Rate = 7th Rate
  |Guns = 8            <!-- This is for Broadside guns only! -->
  |Chasers = none
  |Cannon Broadside Weight = 24pd
  |Carronade Broadside Weight = 48pd
  |Battle Rating = 20
  |Crew = 50
  |Sailing Crew = 15
  |Max Speed = 13.77kn
  |Turn Rate = 6.95
  |Bow Structure = 338
  |Side Structure = 1350
  |Stern Structure = 135
  |Hull Structure = 50
  |Bow Armour = 20cm
  |Side Armour = 34cm
  |Stern Armour = 14cm
  |Sail HP =  1350
  |Mast Thickness = 50cm
  |Rigging = Fore and Aft Rigged
  |Draught = Shallow
  |Cargo Capacity = 50
  |Cargo Slots = Unkown
  |Crafting Level = 0

Putting this on a page will give the infobox which you can see to the right

Adding Tables

Adding Tables can be done in using the following format

{| class = "wikitable"
! Ship
! Guns
! Speed
| Cutter
| 12
| 12knots

1, 2, and 3 are the columns and Ship, Cutter, and Yacht are strings which are put in rows under the column respectively. |- is used to start a new column. Replace 1, 2, 3 and Ship, Cutter, Yacht with whatever you need it to be. The above will create the following:

Ship Guns Speed
Cutter 12 12knots

Uploading and Managing Images

Uploading an Image

To upload and image you simply press Upload file in the sidebar under tools to the left. Be sure to give the image a descriptive name and try to keep it in same or similar syntax as the other images already uploaded.

Changing or Updating an Image that is allready uploaded

If you have uploaded an image however and you need to change it due to errors in the image or you updated the image, rather than uploading the image under a new name it is better to go to Special:ListFiles, find the image you want to update, press it and under File History you should see the option to "Upload a new version of this file", this saves you time since you dont have to go back to the page you added the file to and edit it as it will automatically happen and it also saves from having a bunch of similar images on the wiki where only one of them is being used.

Adding an Image in an Article

Adding an image can be done with the following code:

 [[File: Image.Extension | Position | thumb | HorizontalSize x VerticalSize px]] 

Where Image.Extension is the image and its extension, it is important not to forget "File:" in front of the image. Position is the position on the article for example left, right or center. if you dont want a image in an article in thumbnail form dont use thumb. "HorizontalSize" is the image size on the x axis while "VerticalSize" is the image size on the Y axis, its important to have the x in between the "HorizontalSize" and the "VerticalSize", the px on the end is also important.

Lynx Front.png


 [[File:Lynx Front.png|left|220x220px]]  

gives the image to the left

Adding Image Galleries

Adding an image gallery to a new page is done with the following code, where "Image 1.jpg" and "image 2.png" is an image of any name.

<gallery  mode=packed class = center>
Image 1.jpg
Image 2.png


<gallery  mode=packed class = center>
Lynx Side.png
Lynx Front.png
Lynx Back.png


Confirming the data on the ship pages

Whenever you confirm the data on the ship pages are correct or you update the data please make sure to update the "last verified" on the bottom of the page.

Inserting Comments

Comments are pieces of text which you can put in an article however you can only view them when editing the page(this is usefull for things such as documentation on pieces on an article you dont want the public to see), to use a comment on this wiki you use <!-- "comment" --> replacing "comment" with whatever you need to insert as a comment.

Talk Pages

More documentation on this later